important things:

  • they’re still famous enough they need security guards all of my next gen fame complex head canons are coming true
  • still buddies with Viktor Krum
  • all the DA members party together help me
  • confirmation of Ron’s job timeline bless
  • Hermione is still kicking ass
  • Hannah is becoming a healer and applying to work at Hogwarts with her hubby my heart
  • Still no mention of Longbottom kids and she even talked about Luna’s twins, I’m calling this one folks, no Longbabies
  • canon: Rolf is swarthy
  • Pecy job information finally bless
  • Teddy apparently wears his hair blue most of the time

sparrowsace said: (btw I really REALLY love your blog. Brilliant. Puts my next gen blog to utter shame and makes me want to give up on my fanfic. You are so brilliantly detailed and well thought out and it's lovely) But anyways, I wanted to ask you who you ship James II with? I know a lot of people ship him with Alice, but she's dating Louis in my fanfic and I can't seem to bring myself to ship her with James. I was just wondering who you'd put him with. (same with Lily. I've been having trouble with her as well)

Aww you are too kind, especially when I’ve been so inactive, thank you!

I don’t honestly do a whole lot of Next Gen shipping (besides Teddy/Victoire) just because we don’t really know any other characters besides the Potter-Weasley kids. I have some OCs that I haven’t written a whole lot about (mostly because I feel pretty self-serving when I do haha), and one of them is who I thought of James with.

(I’m not sure who Alice is? I’m assuming you mean Alice Longbottom II maybe? I know that’s one of those consistent head canons.)


After the statement by JKR yesterday, J-dawg text me a little scene that could have happened between Hermione and Ron. I changed it a little bit, but I scribbled it out this afternoon.


should have put Hermione and Har—



Early to mid-twenties Rose and Hugo Weasley.


Early to mid-twenties Rose and Hugo Weasley.

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Victorie and teddy are 2 years apart not…

That’s what it says I’m so confused? Lily and Teddy are 10 years apart, Victoire and Edward Teddy are 2.

Anonymous said: Hey, who did you use for the cover of Lucy's playlist? I love your blog and I've listed and loved all the playlists, congrats! And I'm glad other Next Gen blog aknowledges the fact that Teddy's name's Edward!

Oh why thank you! The list of all of my dreamcasts (as of then anyway) is here. Unfortunately she’s not an actress, just someone I found on Flickr, but I can’t shake her as my Lucy. 

I’m still not over Edward. Not over it










On the Topic of Quidditch Muscles



So, last night, there was some discussion on my dash about the existence of “Quidditch muscles” (this post and its notes, etc) and whether they are or are not a thing. And, though I’d long ago come to the conclusion that Quidditch is an athletic sport that takes strength and coordination and skill, etc, it really got me thinking in specifics about what exactly Quidditch might do for your body - or what you would do to your body for Quidditch. 

Let me start off by saying that, imo, “Quidditch muscles” are definitely A Thing. Maybe (probably, definitely) not the big bulging, rippling muscles that Ashley’s referring to in her post, and definitely not ones with definition visible through a shirt (unless you’re wearing a really, really, really tight shirt and then maybe if it’s soaking wet, in which case I think you need a new shirt), but definitely something. Maybe “Quidditch muscles” isn’t the right way to put it, so I’m going to comfortably call it “Quidditch toned muscles” instead. 

Like with any sport, I think that you have to be in relatively good shape to play it and be considered a competitive player. I can’t speak to Quidditch players lifting weights or running laps or anything that wasn’t explicitly mentioned in the books (though I assume that they might do these things, just like an ice skater runs or a soccer player lifts), but there is definitely canonical evidence for a workout involved in playing. 

And, again, like with any sport, the bodies of the people that play it come in all different shapes and sizes (we saw more than one athlete at the London Olympics with nontraditionally “athletic” looking bodies, swimmers and volleyball players and all sorts, really), but from what I gather about Quidditch in canon and from my own thoughts on the subject, the basic run down is this:

  • Core - It’s gotta take a lot of core strength to be able to balance yourself on a broom for the entirety of a game that can, presumably, last quite a while. Though a strong core is less of a concern for, say, a Seeker, if you’re in a position where you’re using your hands/arms for other things than holding on (Beater, Chaser, probably Keeper), it’s an important part of staying on your broom and something you don’t have extra attention to focus on. 
  • Arms/Shoulders/Back - Again, strength in these areas is mostly required from Chasers and Beaters. You want to be able to knock that Bludger or chuck that Quaffle with power and precision, after all. Keepers should also be relatively strong in these areas, since they’re often throwing the ball back into play. Seekers don’t really have to worry about this much.
  • Legs/Butt - This is where things get a little complicated, because I think you would need thigh strength (and maybe some tight butt cheeks hay~) to hold onto the broom, but I also think hey, you’re going to be sitting on that broom for a while, and you could probably benefit from some extra cushion. There are probably charms/adjustments for that, though, so I’m more inclined to think that you should be able to really hold on with your legs, even direct the broom with them if you’re holding onto a Quaffle or swinging a bat or reaching for a save/the Snitch. 
  • Weight - This one is mostly Seeker specific rather than Seeker exclusive, unlike the others. A lot of what’s involved in being a Seeker is being quick, and while a good broom gives you an advantage, I think it’s fair to also assume that being lighter would make for less strain on the broom as well as less wind resistance. This is probably more body-type than anything else (as in, lifting wouldn’t help, since it would only build muscle and weigh you down), but running to keep fit/slim would probably benefit a Seeker. 

Again, all of this would manifest itself differently according to people’s schedules, effort put in, and natural body type, but I don’t think it’s impossible to have muscles defined and toned by playing Quidditch or have toned/defined muscles for playing Quidditch. 

Quidditch is a sport that definitely requires physical strength and skill and a fair bit of athleticism, and though the amount ranges between positions it would be to every players benefit to be “in shape.”

BUT, and this is a big but, this is for Quidditch as a whole - and is much more relevant if you’re talking about PROFESSIONAL Quidditch players.

Hogwarts Quidditch is, let’s be real, a glorified high school sports team. We’re talking about athletes as young as eleven and up through eighteen. While, yeah, these children could be strong and muscular and toned, chances are they’re not. I don’t know about you, but not all of the football players or basketball/baseball/soccer players at my high school looked like they came straight from Sports Illustrated or the label for some Calvin Klein boxers - and they were required to lift weights/run drills during team practices. 

Basically, for all those who TL;DR - Yes, you could be toned/muscular for or from Quidditch, but we’re talking about (the Hogwarts equivalent of) high school students, and we could all benefit from everyone keeping in mind that James Potter and his teammates are regular teenagers, not Hollywood movie stars or Olympians. 

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This is excellent.

Made to FlyA playlist for Roxie.

01. Hello | Martin Solveig and Dragonette02. Ass Back Home | Gym Class Heroes03. Domino | Jessie J04. Something New | Girls Aloud05. Diamonds | Rihanna06. Who You Are | Jessie J07. Wings | Little Mix08. I Love It | Icona Pop

Made to Fly
A playlist for Roxie.

01. Hello | Martin Solveig and Dragonette
02. Ass Back Home | Gym Class Heroes
03. Domino | Jessie J
04. Something New | Girls Aloud
05. Diamonds | Rihanna
06. Who You Are | Jessie J
07. Wings | Little Mix
08. I Love It | Icona Pop

Know My VoiceA playlist for Rose.

01. Rolling in the Deep | Adele02. Up Up Up | Givers03. Babel | Mumford and Sons04. Little Talks | Of Monsters and Men05. Between the Raindrops | Lighthouse06. People Help the People | Birdy07. Little Lion Man | Mumford and Sons08. Dear Sister, Your Brother | Talain Rayne
Know My Voice
A playlist for Rose.

01. Rolling in the Deep | Adele
02. Up Up Up | Givers
03. Babel | Mumford and Sons
04. Little Talks | Of Monsters and Men
05. Between the Raindrops | Lighthouse
06. People Help the People | Birdy
07. Little Lion Man | Mumford and Sons
08. Dear Sister, Your Brother | Talain Rayne

Anonymous said: hi! do you think "She's so mean" describes Ted/Vic?

Eh, maybe parts of it, but my Victoire isn’t mean enough for the whole song to work. A bit abrasive, certainly, but not unkind.

Victoire does seem to be characterized that way a lot in Next Gen head canon, I have noticed. Fandom has an unfortunate tendency to tie physical beauty to bitchiness, and I’m not quite sure why that is. My suspicion is it’s an attempt to avoid the mythical “Mary Sue” by giving beautiful girls personality flaws.

Things That We Could BeA playlist for James II.

01. How Far We’ve Come | Matchbox Twenty02. Feel Again | OneRepublic03. Paralyzer | Finger Eleven04. Blackout | Breathe Carolina05. Bad | Cab06. Sex on Fire | Kings of Leon07. You’re So Real | Matchbox Twenty08. Counting Stars | OneRepublic

Things That We Could Be
A playlist for James II.

01. How Far We’ve Come | Matchbox Twenty
02. Feel Again | OneRepublic
03. Paralyzer | Finger Eleven
04. Blackout | Breathe Carolina
05. Bad | Cab
06. Sex on Fire | Kings of Leon
07. You’re So Real | Matchbox Twenty
08. Counting Stars | OneRepublic

awkwardly-amazing said: Oh my word, I love your fanmixes! c: Jw, would you be able to tell me the names of the people you used as the covers, since they're basically exactly how I imagined the next gen would look and (apart from Andrew Garfield - excellent choice, btw), I don't know who they are ... :)

Thank you!!

Molly - Jane Levy

Dominique - Imogene Poots

Lily - Ebba Zingmark

Victoire - The album photo is Clémence Poésy, but I use Georgia Moffett more often.

On This Day: 2013

It’s been 15 years since the Battle of Hogwarts. Harry always experiences a little jolt in his stomach when he realizes what day it is, but Ginny is pressed against his chest, and the house is still quiet, and like any normal day he has already slept in much later than he should have and is not entirely certain he has clean socks. He does not look forward to the dutifully somber expressions of the fresh Ministry workers for the next 24 hours, and sighs loudly at the thought.

"You sprung a leak, Potter?" Ginny mumbles.

Hermione is staring at a book, but for once is not really reading it. Its cover is worn, and the letters peeling so that soon it might be difficult to discern the title. She makes a mental note to look into restoration, but is distracted by Ron’s arms snaking their way around her waist.

"I’d say let’s be late, but my boss might flog me." He says in her ear. She rolls her eyes, but a smile’s already creeping onto her lips. Hermione sets down The Tales of Beedle the Bard — time to take the kids to Molly’s, anyway.

Percy and Audrey step off the elevator, ducking from an already expanding flock of paper notes zooming over their heads. It’s a little bit later than Percy normally likes to get to work — nothing quite like getting there when all’s still quiet, he always says — but they took extra time this morning to let Molly read The Daily Prophet’s story on the 15th anniversary aloud at breakfast. Audrey’s office had, as usual, worked with the Prophet on the story, and of course he thought it important for the girls to understand the importance of the day.

Audrey catches his hand and squeezes it like every morning before they part to go to their separate offices, but this morning she pulls him to her and adds a kiss to the ritual. It’s not strictly office appropriate, but he doesn’t object.

Neville didn’t even plan a lesson for today, there’s no point. “Circle up!” he says when his first class files into the greenhouse. There’s an audible sigh of relief and some excited chatter as they sit cross-legged on the floor of the greenhouse. Neville sits down with them, not minding the first coat of dirt on his robes for the day. “Okay, what do you want to know?” There’s a shy silence before an especially bold Ravenclaw boy blurts out: “Sir, did you really chop off a snakes head?!”

"MUFFIN ME." George calls. He’s standing several feet away from the cashier’s desk, where Fred is perched, legs dangling off the front, a box of pastries in his hands. He grins, and artfully aims a muffin projectile at his father’s chest. George catches it, although there are some crumb casualties, and the shop staff cheer loudly from the shelves where they are stocking up for the day.

"Nicely done. Congratulations, you’ve maintained your status as my son for today. Now go give one to your sister."

As George takes a bite, he stares at the portrait by the door, where his brother’s likeness has decided to honor today’s occasion by displaying his backside. “Morning, Freddie.” He says quietly.

At 63, Arthur is not quite as adept at keeping up with flocks of small children, but he has to say he thinks he’s doing a pretty damn fine job. At current, James and Louis are outside flinging (or rather, attempting to fling) gnomes over the wall. Molls and Dominique are at the table, furiously discussing September 1st (which is ONLY 4 months from now, Papa), their favorite subject since Molls had turned 11 in December. Lucy, bless her, is quietly coloring with Albus and Rosie. Arthur, for his part, is currently employed as a set of monkey bars for Lily and Hugo. He doesn’t mind; he enjoys the children, especially on a day like today.

The door to the kitchen opens, and Lily and Hugo go scrambling off of him — it did not take them many years of life to learn that the kitchen door opening usually means food. Fleur and Molly haven’t stopped chatting about some recipe for pie, and Arthur’s decided it is best not to interrupt them in hopes that the pie itself will emerge this evening.

Ginny is about to hex the next co-worker who asks her how to respond to a reader comment. They’ve been coming in all morning, as they usually do in response to their annual feature, and Ginny’s become the residence expert. She’s about to shut her office door when an intern rounds the corner and stops dead in her tracks as the two lock eyes.
"Are you here to ask me something about Quidditch?" Ginny asks her.
"Then turn around."
Wide-eyed, the intern turns on her heel and speed-walks back down the hallway.

Growling, Ginny sits down at her desk, trying to focus on finishing this story about Oliver’s new coaching position. She wanted to leave early today; the Burrow sounds far more attractive this afternoon than the office.

Victoire and Teddy are sitting on the bank of the Black Lake. Teddy found a candle that floats in the water at his last Hogsmeade trip, and they watch, silently, as it drifts out to the center.

It’s Victoire’s 13th birthday, but she won’t celebrate until tomorrow. It was her decision, ever since she was 9. Every year she lights a candle instead, for all the family she’ll never be able to meet.

She glances over at Teddy, who’s staring blankly over the lake. He met with Neville yesterday about his career plans, and Victoire thinks it’s only made today harder on him. He wants to be an auror, of course.

Silently she takes his hand in hers. He smiles at her, squeezing her fingers, grateful for something to hold on to.

|| On this day in OCOL Timeline ||
Arthur and Molly are 63.Bill is 42 and Fleur is 36. Charlie is 40, is still working with dragons, and still refusing to get married. Percy is 36, and Audrey, George and Angelina are 35. Ron and Hermione are 33, and Harry and Neville are 32. Ginny is 31.

Teddy is in his 5th year, and is 15. Victoire is in her 2nd year, and is 13. Molly is 11, Dominique is 10, Lucy, Louis, and Fred II are 9, and James is 8. Roxie, Rose, and Albus are 7, Hugo is 5, and Lily is 4.